the hypocrisy that arises from the coronavirus

(automatically translated, soon we will review it)

That urgent actions are taken for coronavirus and for the destruction of the planet we just receive  excuses that is impossible to solve and measures are postponed on and on, says a lot about the hypocrisy in which we live.

It's like when it was said that there was no money to eradicate hunger, and one day, hundred times more money comes out of nowhere to rescue banks.

What fails is to really want, the resources are there, that is clear to us. Let no one again tell me that it is impossible or impossible to make changes to stop polluting with plastic, to stop polluting the atmosphere and to destroy nature.

It is possible to make profound and urgent changes, but it is postponed to make them again and again. We postpone it for the ones who will come, while destroying the planet. We postpone saying that we must educate children so that they are aware when adults are not and do not intend to be. We do not want to give up comfort despite knowing that this is destroying the planet for those who will come.

I am clear what to do and on which side I am: on the side of life, the planet and those who want to preserve the biosphere. And you, do you have a clear idea which side are you in?

Pere Vidal