Information about deep ecology retreats

These retreats are part of environmental activism and promoting awareness of the planet we make from About Can Pipirimosca.

For us, Deep Ecology is the most radical, philosophical and spiritual side of ecology. It proposes an holistic and integrative view where human beings are not above other species. All life forms have a right to exist, regardless of their usefulness to humans. Going back to where we belong is when we understand where our place is in nature and on the planet. 

These retreats do not require previous knowledge, just that you are interested and open to the proposal. In a way it is a meeting point for people who share a concern about the destruction of humans on the planet and are eager to connect with nature out of the anthropocentric view of western society, eager to be an active part of the change in mindset and awareness that is so much needed by humanity and the planet.

 For the weekend activities and group dynamics, the more open and without expectations people come, the better ... We will learn what "Deep Ecology" is and connect from emotion and feelings through group dynamics.

  The first deep ecology activities at Can Pipirimosca started in 2014, with monthly meetings with local people to work and connect. In 2017/2018, small workshops were held in the village to support the transition town movement.

In January 2019, the first weekend / retreat was organized as a tool to deal with the increasingly worrying situation, both at impact level on the planet and on the lack of values of people, ​​and resources to manage the frustration this situation causes on people.

The retreat is mainly group dynamics on Joanna Macy's "work that reconnects" complemented by some reading, meditation, debate, cineforum, ... all in a trust and open environment.

During 2019 we organized six retreats and it has been a good tool for environmental awareness and for working in groups to heal, share and empower us, while also bonding  us  and helping us to feel that we are not alone in this path. which is often counter-current to the social environment.

In 2020, these deep ecology retreats have been included in a more complete training where we share the experience and resources of Can Pipirimosca, a project that has twenty years experience of sustainable living, social and environmental activism and community life.

All these activities are supported by anonymous donations, that is, everyone can make a contribution in a pot that is in the kitchen and that is to support the task we do ... no one controls who and when a donation has been done, it is up to each person to decide.
The retreat takes place in an organic farm (Can Pipirimosca) where there are rooms and all the necessary facilities and spaces needed. The place itself is a space that promotes a sustainable lifestyle and respect for the planet and all the living beings in earth. The kitchen is managed with the help of everyone,  with the vegetables and resources of the project itself.


Dates of events are posted on the Facebook page and the Telegram broadcast channel

 We need a minimum of 8 participants so the group dynamics work,  and a maximum of 16 people per retreat.

If you want to engage, you must complete the registration form. Just contact us and we will forward you the form link. We ask people to be responsable and that if you fill out the form you commit to come, as a respect for the others registered and the work we do organizing it.

If you have facebook, you can also mark that you will be attending the event, but filling up the form is mandatory in order to participate:

On the weekend of the retreat you can arrive on Friday if you want. The retreat activities start punctual at 9am on Saturday morning and participants are asked to participate in all the dynamics of the weekend ... on Saturday the dynamics last until 8 in the evening and Sunday start from 9 until lunch time ...

 If you participate, we will see you at any of these retreats. You can also extend and invitation to people you think might be interested. Remember that these retreats have a limited ammount of participants, we will respect the order of registration.